Christine Adolf -

I’m 29 years, Egyptian living in Dubai, UAE. Entrepreneur; Been through 11 entrepreneurial works & 14 corporate jobs, before making it to UAE!



People ask me whats best advice you give to your students, I tell them: “FAIL HARD! BUT, FAIL FORWARD!”
I graduated BBA; Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Nicosia, Cyprus. Where I lived on this beautiful island for four years. Majoring, Marketing and communications.

I became a skilled counsellor, consultant, and coach of cryptocurrency investments and blockchain technology. Certified specialist by Dubai government. Web3 ecosystem containing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has become increasingly popular in recent years, attracting investors and businesses alike. However, navigating the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies can be daunting, especially for those new to the industry. So, this is where my job comes in.

My marketing agency, TRIPLE C GLOBAL, got incubated by Dubai government. It stands for Connect, Consult & Collab. A marketing agency backed-up by expats community, where we host 8 FREE events in DUBAI every month. Every Monday is business networking and every Friday is a party/activity around the D-city.

We collaborated with, where we host our events and community! We are now 1000+ members of 38 countries and we are expanding tremendously.

On my journey, I’m a human-being, my journey is not yours. Try to take what suits you best, think and act accordingly. Ask and follow-up.

People ask me whats best advice you give to your students, I tell them: “FAIL HARD! BUT, FAIL FORWARD!”. I would have never been here without my failures. But, the never did stop me. They motivated me! I wanted success so bad!

My “family retirement” is a huge goal to me, I never wanna see them working a day in life! I chose a career that is stereotyped by everyone & its not easy. But, I don’t like easy things.

I’ve been blessed to start working at a young age, got to explore, travel, make money, got my family’s support & here I am. DUBAI!