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I've been stereotyped as this luxury, high social class, pampered kid. & I tried to fight so badly to fit in, fighting and saying BRO, NUHHH! It is not what it is...

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I've reached a point that LOW COST LIFESTYLE doesn't mean poor or doesn't mean you will not spend.
...I was so blessed tho, that my family with the middle-class social life I had, has been showing A LOT to people. But, seriously I would say that my family dedicated their whole lives for us. To be raised healthy, wealthy and by this wealthy I mean RICH IN HEARTS not pockets.

BUT, this didn't mean I had to work my heart-off since I was 16 because I was a kid I ALWAYS WANTED MORE! More of achievements, more of acknowledgements, more money & more of my lifestyle. There was definitely a hidden motive, where I was in a relationship at a very young age where I wanted to live everything at an early stage, like bringing gifts, looking extra good, showing-off cool!

Working at 16, taught me a lot of things, a lot of learnings and unlearnings, but one precious thing here is TO VALUE EVERYTHING! SO BAD! Value time, efforts, money & appreciation.

I'm the total contrary of my sisters & mom I could tell. I'm not a brand person. I wear maybe black more than my life because I don't like to waste my time choosing everyday what I will wear and what people will say about me if I wear the same clothes forever.

I know I was different, and everyone is so beautiful in their own way. But, I've reached a point that LOW COST LIFESTYLE doesn't mean poor or doesn't mean you will not spend.

You will spend so much on things that add back to you, like investments, travels, education, etc.

Through my blogs I will share with you further details about everything.

& there is happiness in the judgements, I'M A SELF-MADE!

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Christine Adolf,